Factory data

The plant was established at Tiszaalpár in 1979 as a subsidiary of the MMG Automatics Works Budapest. Since 1992 it operates as MATIC Ltd, and in 1998 MATIC Ltd. become an independent member Ltd. of the HORVÁTH HOLDING Plc.

Main plant data:

Site: 15000 m2
- premises: 5000 m2
Number of employees: 140

Main activities:

- Fine sheet metal works
- Manufacturing toroid transformers - manufacturing 10-600 VA toroid transformers
- Manufacturing electrical terminal assemblies
- Fine mechanics and electronic accessory parts assembly

Fine sheet metal works – carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, tinned and zinc-coated sheets full range of fabricating technique with up-to-date CNC controlled machines
Up-to-date design systems (Solid-Edge, AUTO-CAD), laser cutting-, CNC punching-, CNC edge bending-, conventional cutting- and pressing machines, spot and button welding equipment further more electrostatic powder coating assure high quality.

Technological capabilities

1.) Laser cutting
TRUMPF TCL3020 laser cutting machine
up to 20mm thick carbon steel sheets
up to 12mm thick stainless steel sheets
up to 8mm thick aluminium sheets
maximum sheet size: 1500 x 3000mm

2.) Combi cutting
TRUMATIC 3000 FIBER CNC and laser cutting machine
up to 4mm thick carbon steel sheets
up to 4mm thick stainless steel sheets
up to 3mm thick aluminium sheets
up to 2mm thick copper sheets
maximum sheet size: 1250x 1250mm

3.) Punching
up to 800 x 1000 mm - AMADA OCTO334 CNC punching/nibbling machine
up to 1250 x 2500 mm - TRUMF TC 3000R-1300 CNC punching/nibbling machine
up to 1250 x 2500 mm - TRUMF TRUPUNCH 3000 CNC punching/nibbling machine
- threaded loop drafting, thread rolling, bail bending, pressing cam, pointing etc.

4.) Edge bending
up to 3000 mm- AMADA, SAFAN, ERMAKSAN CNC operated bending machines

5.) Pressing – cutting
hydraulic and eccentric presses up to 250 metric tons

6.) ABB IRB 1600 welding robot
The welding robot is formed for cost optimalisation to fit for numerous applications. The ABB IRB 1600 easily oriented to customer demands - working area 1200×1600. The IRC5 control makes it easy to program and offers easy operator interface. the welding robot is very precise and has good traceability. the robot offers continuous efficiency (+0,05) at the hardest circumstances as well. Has short cycle time that makes it to be the fastest robot at its own category. It can be well used for high quantity, arched and difficult welding joints - the manifold robot corresponds to any industrial demands.

7.) Welding
MIG (CO), WIG(AWI), spot and button welding, aluminium spot welding and stud welding. Carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets full range of welding and polishing

8.) Foam sealing technology
Instrument cabinets, link boxes, other metal sheet and plastic parts straight-lined and arched sealing with foam sealing (PUR) material.
See some application samples:

9.) Other type of riveting technological processes
circulating riveting, PEM pressing, POP riveting etc.

10.) Abrasive blasting process
Glass bead, sand, etc.

11.) Powder coating paint

12.) Laser graving
TROTEC-8013 Hybrid equipment, combining Nd:YAG and CO2 laser systems in one machine. Photos, graphics, flowcharts, titles can be graved and/or cut out of metal, wood and other type of plastic. Metals laser graving, plastic, wood, Plexiglas, paper, leather, textile, marble and glass graving and cutting.

13.) Thread polishing, mechanical burring
- zinc coated, tinned, foil covered sheets burring
- oxide coating (rust) removal
- edge rounding, edging
- removal of laser, plasma cutting spread marks
Maximum sheet width: 1250mm.
Maximum sheet weight: 300kg

14.) Precision and decor polishing with ZBS type, 2 band polishing machine
The machine works with two different jointless polishing bands that is suitable for fine treatment, polishing, scrapping and matting metal sheet products. Integrating the machine into our technology line we can suit better our customer demands - higher quality and aesthetical requirements.

15.) Part dimension control with laser, part scanning
The Planar 50.40 can be accurately dimensioned with using scanner; the dimension control is done with 0,025 - 0,1 mm accuracy limit by comparing the product- and the CAD (dwg.dxf) data. The results of scanning can be saved directly to PC and archived or it can be printed too.