Cash cassette with metal frame

Cash cassette with metal frame
(Type no.: 3113)
It has two parts: one of them is the drawer’s body that can be placed on the desk or can be built in and the other one is the insert that can be changed and portable.
- width: 460 mm
- depth: 170 mm
- height: 100 mm
7,5 kg
As per customer requirement
Painted steel sheet construction
Many storage:
- 6 flexible bank note holders
- 8 coin cups
The coin cups can be taken out individually, so it is possible to count the coins with calibration. If it is not necessary than the coin cups can be lifted out together on a base plate.
With electromagnet or manually with the lock that is on the base, further more it has emergency opening release that can be reached through a hole that is on the base.
The drawer can be closed with a lock that is at the front of the drawer, the numbers on the keys are not marked. This case the automatic opening and the emergency release do not operate.
Ambient temperature:
Standard solenoids:
12V DC ± 20% 5,4 ohm ± 5%
15V DC ± 20% 14 ohm ± 5%
24V DC ± 20% 25 ohm ± 5%
Opening pulse width:
>100 ms ± 20%
Draw body:
- the lid can be made of textured stainless steel
- posting slot can be put on the draw
- as per request the draw and the insert can be opened with the same key
- standard is delivered with safety-lock and lockable lid
- catch on the lid
As per request. Standard: RJ45