The Matic Ltd was established in 1992. Currently Tiszaalpár town's largest employer with a staff of 140. In front of a large public company-operated MMG Automation Works factory unit. The firm formation was necessary due to the privatization of the factory unit. The company owns the first. It was the MMG-AM in 1993 and one year after the failed operation was returned to the ownership of the MMG-AM in 1994, was acquired by Hungarian individuals.
In 1998, the MMG-AM plant in Kecskemét to install the plate-processing activities, the Company. Then had a separate profile technology. Resold, Inc. was acquired by Horvath. Group, and currently work as a member of the group.
The Kft. Inception Eastern European cars (Lada, Polski, Zastava) dashboard of manufacturing, assembling addressed. After the transition, this market collapsed and the establishment of the initial 35 per 150 főről decreased and the situation was close to bankruptcy.
MMG-AM Kecskemét factory full plate machining technology (equipment and products) are installed Matic Ltd. in 1998.
The German company ADS for cash register drawers manufactured in large quantities, it stabilized the company's financial situation.
Formed an almost 100% local Tiszaalpár professionals over the years, which is capable of operating at a high level continuously developing high-quality machine park.
2001-2001-BNE ADS has introduced a new product and it is not manufactured by Matic Kft. The LLC. Order the stock has lost about 70%, and in a difficult situation again. The management has chosen to address the situation of technological modernization.
In 2002, he bought the company under the Széchenyi Plan a laser cutting machine and other new CNC stancautómatákat, élhajlítógépeket and other modern sheet metal processing machine in subsequent years.
The new modernized fleet has enabled the connection of new customers as well as the possibility of the introduction of new manufacturing their own products.
Currently 30% of its manufacturing (cash register drawers, cassettes, safes, tool boxes, tool boxes), 70% in different Kecskemét, German and Swiss companies for production of products are the company's technology and a stable financial background