TOROID (ring core) transformers

TOROID (ring core) transformers
Suitable for different purpose of electronic, control and measuring instruments, household appliances as supply- or other type of transformer like separating, adapter or choke functions etc.
Different secondary voltage and current rates can be achieved.
The structural design, the used small watt loss laminated core which is made of anisotropic strip assures good efficiency and low warming-up.
Using this technology from the same volume of iron nearly twice as much capacity can be achieved, therefore these are smaller than the conventional transformers.
As we manufacture the iron core on demand we can manufacture /flat, high/ special sized transformers.
If requested it can be supplied with built in thermo switch and fuse.
Double power can be taken than from the traditional equal size iron core so the size of a toroid transformer is much smaller than a traditional one for the same power.
Primary voltage range:
U1 = 24...250 V
Secondary voltage range:
U2 = 3...250 V
Operating frequency range:
f1 = 50, 60 Hz
Class of protection against indirect contact:
IP 00
Ambient temperature:
Tk = -55 °C..+70 °C
Typical power range:
10-600 VA